Amon Amarth Drop New Music Video and 4 Track Digital Single for "Heidrun"


Swedish viking metal marauders, AMON AMARTH continue their domination with a brand new music video for their epic Valhalla feast track "Heidrun" off their chart-topping record "The Great Heathen Army". Additionally, AMON AMARTH have unleashed a special 4-track digital single of "Heidrun" featuring a newly remixed version of the single plus two live bonus tracks and a "goat remix" version featuring actual goat vocals (full track list below).

Frontman Johan Hegg sheds light on the mythological significance of "Heidrun":

"Heidrun is an interesting mythological character, it's a goat that stands on the roof of Valhalla eating the leaf of the big tree Lärad. The milk that she gives is the honey/mead that the warriors in Valhalla drink each night. The lyrics themselves are both about Vikings travelling the world but also metaphorically what it is to be a touring musician."

Watch the official music video for "Heidrun" HERE and find the digital single on your streaming platform of choice HERE.

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