Gatekeeper Reunite to Bring the Surf to the Bar Scene of Long Beach, CA!


What a better way than to do a show than not far from the beach! Long Beach, California that is, and that is where local band from Torrance, California, death metal act known as GATEKEEPER! Now there are a number of other bands, whose name is the same, but this act is strictly from the LA County, and got their start way back in 2001! Releasing early demo’s, to an EP “It Begins to Unfold” (2003) with a debut self-titled album in 2005, with later demo’s later in 2005 and 2006. The band eventually splitting up sometime later in 2006. But in the summer of 2010, they would reunite for a one off show, only to do another one off show, a cancer benefit for Jake St. Dennis. Taking place out in Long Beach, California at a tiny bar known as Supply and Demand.

Having gotten to the venue a little later than expected, catching second to last band Serve The Blade, whose presents as hardcore meets death metal, brought the crowd joy, banging their heads, while others moshed, and some even hardcore danced around, taking it all in. The crowd was hyped for their brief but thrilling set-list, as they wrapped things up, making the band quite pleased with what they provided, mentioning that an EP was expected sometime soon.


Next up would be the headliners of the night, Gattekeeper, having not played a show since January 2017, me having seen them lastly way back in 2010! Before that would be way back in 2003 I believe. But back to tonight’s performance, after the band had set up, they were ready to party the night away! Really bringing the beach, minus the sand to this bar setting. All there were set and ready for it!


So once the band got things flowing, numerous beach toys were thrown into the crowd, pool noodles, beach balls, candy, and ice, as well as a boogie board! Which indeed had the crowd actually surfing upon it! The band played for a solid 45 minutes, keeping the energy every lasting really. Every which way you looked, the whole bar was in a wave of excitement, and total momentum. Moshing was shoved and pushed, whereas others crowd surfed atop one another, to using the boogie board to surf along the tops of the crowd as well. It was utter chaos but fun times throughout.

Overall it was a great time in a small sitting, that had a crowd, pleading for more, with the band knowing not more, but giving it their all from start to finish. Hopefully this next time they come back for another show, it will not take as long, because they are what they call “legendary surf death metal rock”.

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