Deathcore Band BEGUILER Releases New Single To Benefit The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation


Deathcore band BEGUILER has released a new single, “Unrepentant”, intending to raise awareness on indigenous issues and promote donations to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. The track discusses the discovery of many unmarked graves on or near the sites of former residential schools across Canada and the United States.
The band will be selling an exclusive merch design via their web store and at shows, with the proceeds going to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. BEGUILER has opened for acts such as INGESTED, BRAND OF SACRIFICE, AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK, AVERSIONS CROWN, RINGS OF SATURN, BLACK TONGUE, THE LAST TEN SECONDS OF LIFE & more. As well as releasing 4 ‘EP’s since late 2018, this also marks the first single off of their upcoming debut LP.
“Unrepentant” is a fast-paced track that is equally relentless in both lyrics and music. The song highlights the importance of separating church and state, discussing the atrocities that occurred across Canada within the residential schools administered by the church. In Canada, there are currently more than 1800 confirmed or suspected unmarked graves that have been identified. It’s an ongoing issue, along with all the other acts of neglect and abuse against indigenous people. The band uses the song to discuss the hypocrisy of the whole system based on the actions of those in charge and question the morals they like to guide others with. These are the main points the song touches on, whilst still leaving room for interpretation from the listener.
“I felt compelled to write a lyrical composition that digs at the hypocrisy of religious figures holding political power, whilst our government takes minimal accountability in order to save face.” says the band’s vocalist, Jacob Cooledge. Guitarist Scott Thoms added, “It just feels like not enough people are willing to talk about these issues. I really hope that this track can spark these conversations and that people are willing to stop turning a blind eye.” The band wants to emphasize the principles of the Canadian Residential School system were already unjust. “The reality is even worse than many knew about. Systematic murder and abuse is not something a church or government should feel they can hide from.” says bassist Gord Cameron.
Looking to raise awareness and support for survivors, as well as family members affected by the residential school system, BEGUILER created a shirt to coincide with the release of the single, with proceeds going directly to the NCTR. Those interested in purchasing a long-sleeve “Unrepentant” shirt can do so at

Check out the video single HERE.

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