Art of Shock Share "Death Stays Silent" Video


Hollywood's ART OF SHOCK — frontman Art Geezar, lead guitarist Nicholas Ertel, bassist Brice Snyder, and drummer Adrian Geezar — have dropped "Death Stays Silent."

The song is a thrashy throwback with modern edges and tackles an extremely topical issue.

"'Death Stays Silent' addresses the agony and hopelessness of battling mental illness," the band shares, pulling back the curtain on the songs deeper meaning. "It's about isolation and confinement, the yearning for support and empathy, and the exasperation of being neglected and dismissed, sometimes even by death itself. It aims to raise awareness of the severe consequences of disregarding those who suffer from mental health issues. We need to communicate and empathize with one another and, hopefully, by doing so, keep death silent for another day."

Watch the video right HERE.

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