UNEARTH Drops Third Single "Into the Abyss"

UNEARTH delivers another bar raising track of extraordinary musicianship loaded with technical prowess and an utterly brutal vocal delivery, taking listeners from dismal to hopeful and yet again raising UNEARTH to higher ground.

Trevor Phipps says, "A riff fueled interstellar endeavor sums up our third single ‘Into the Abyss’.  Our future planet is in disrepair and the fortunate are forced to flee to a distant world to continue the human race while billions of the less fortunate are left behind to meet a hellish end. Buz McGrath lights the path with a journey of melodic riffs, leads and solos that set it apart from the bulk of The Wretched; The Ruinous album. Beyond oblivion we ride!"

Get "Into The Abyss" here: https://Unearth.lnk.to/TheWretchedTheRuinous

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