British Metallers Sworn Amongst Announce Return And New Single “Restitution” Released Today!

British metalcore mob Sworn Amongst have ended their hiatus and returned with their blistering new single “Restitution”, which was released today (March 30th, 2023).

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, the band stated:

““Restitution” is a conceptual piece born from the German phrase "Man sieht sich immer zweimal im Leben", the translation being "In life, you always meet twice". In short, this phrase urges us to be wary of burning bridges with our acquaintances, as there is always a chance you may meet later in life.

The lyrics explore the theoretical actions of somebody who has been spurned and are a criticism of those who fail to heed such a warning. Those people who all too eagerly burn those bridges, and the consequences of those actions. The title "Restitution" born from the fact that if we refrain from burning our bridges, new life may be given to relationships further down the line.”

The video for the track can be found here:

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