Destruction Thrashes Into New Year with 2021 Concert Streamed Across the Globe!

Kicking off the 2021 New Year with thrashing style, comes German thrash metallers DESTRUCTION. Whose live stream full-length concert was held on the website Mandolin. The extensive close to 2 hour set list, running 1 hour and 50 minutes, contain a variety of tracks spanning across the band's close to 40 year career. Some of the tracks performed contained such as "Nailed To The Cross", "Mad Butcher”, “Betrayal”, “Life Without Sense”, “Antichrist”, “Under Attack”, and “The Butcher Strikes Back”, among many others. Twenty songs in total were sung, with viewership coming from around the globe from fans. With no real live attendance present, the live viewership was fair game, with the band interacting with the live stream camera angles; wishing all watching a good New Year and time in 2021! The show rather streamed along rather nicely, each of the twenty songs, playing smoothly and thrashing. It was as if you were actually there even if you would not be there in the real. It was a good alternative and one the band may have not been used too but managed to performed well enough. They hope as their fans do, to perform live in front of real faces and getting the chance to tour around the world once things during this epidemic pandemic cease to exist. 


1. Born To Perish

2. Nailed To The Cross

3. Armageddonizer

4. Tormentor

5. Rotten

6. Mad Butcher

7. Reject Emotions

8. Thrash Til Death (with Drum Solo)

9. Betrayal

10. Sign of Fear (with Guitar Solo)

11. Inspired By Death

12. Release From Agony

13. Life Without Sense

14. Anti-christ

15. Invincible Force

16. Under Attack

17. Bestial Invasion

18. The Butcher Strikes Back

19. Curse The Gods

20. Total Desaster

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