Panic State Says How They Perform Cover Tracks and Have New Material As Well!

Alternative rock band PANIC STATE based out of London, is not only based from there, but is inspired by some British bands like Muse among others. They have released a single and have been doing cover songs during this crisis of a time. Hope to get out and play live shows again like many other bands too. See what this trio band had to say about all of this below.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Scott and Daniel were at school together and played in a school band, but kept things going together when they left for uni. They met Tom at a uni party, and got chatting about musical interests, showed Tom their demo album, and he loved it and was keen to get involved. We started rehearsing together and writing a few things, and everything kicked off from there, doing regular shows around London, working with our manager, Ville, and he gave us the tools to record some great songs.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

We spent probably a month when we were about 14 going through countless possible names, some of which were really awful! But we were really into Muse at the time and we took inspiration from a couple of song titles - Panic Station and Liquid State, and we decided that out of all the other options we had, this one was the ‘least bad’.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

We’re mainly based in London, that’s where we do most of our shows - it’s a really diverse city with an infinite amount of style and talent, and to be a part of that is awesome. In one show, you can have three or four acts on and each of them will bring something different to the table, so a single show can kind of cater for everyone’s needs. Tom grew up in Essex and his first experience of the music industry was there with iconic venues like ‘The Square’ in Harlow, so there’s a huge connection there for us too. We’ve gained some popularity in Essex too, being featured by Ollie Winniberg on BBC Introducing, so we think we have a little bit of a following there.

4. How would you describe your style?

I think if we were to settle onto a particular genre it would be Indie/Pop Rock. We’ve drifted around a few genres since our beginnings but we think we’ve settled nicely into the Indie/Pop Rock scene. In terms of actual performance, we go for loud and energetic songs with strong instrumentals, and try to throw in catchy hooks and some relatable themes and lyrics to get the listeners on side.

5. What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your works?

We’ve just released our brand new single "Turn Around", and as we said before, it’s really energetic with powerful instrumentals, some catchy lyrics that encourage and relate to the listener - we think it’s a really fun song, and the reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve also taken a lot of time to throw ourselves into our social media. We’ve been pretty lucky in that we haven’t
been massively affected by the pandemic and we’ve been able to get ourselves organised and have a good think about what we want our social media to do and how we want to come across, so go and check us out!

6. Do you have any new music in the works?

We’ve got a couple of songs recorded that we’re hoping to release soon - possibly later this year, but we’ll have to see how the world pans out. We’ve also had the time to get some equipment to record some bits each at home, so we’ve been creating some new tracks and hopefully we’ll be able to flesh those out and get them recorded as soon as we can. We’ve been doing some quarantine covers on our social media too. We have an obsession with cheesy, early 00's pop songs with predominantly female vocals, and we have a laugh covering those and sharing them with people. We’ve definitely settled for a chilled, electronic vibe when we track them, but we’ve done a couple of these live too in the past where they’ve been much more rock based - "Party In The USA" is a popular choice!

7. How about playing shows and touring, have anything planned out?

Unfortunately we don’t have anything planned at the minute, it’s just impossible to tell when a live show is going to be feasible again, and it’s such a shame - we really miss live performances. We all love being on stage, having fun, and putting on a show for an audience, and we took a little break from live shows just before the pandemic hit, so it’s been a good 9 months or so since our last show. When it’s safe to go outside again, we’re gonna try and book ourselves for as many shows as we possibly can!

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

As we mentioned before, we’ve got some new music that’s just about ready to release, and we’ve been writing some new stuff as well that we’re really excited about. We’ve focused a lot on our social media with the covers, but we’ve also got some cool ideas of videos that we can upload and release soon, so keep an eye out for those! We’ve also branched out into the world of merchandise, which we’ll properly unveil on our social media in a couple of weeks - we’ll have the standard bits like phone cases and t shirts and the like, but we’ve gone a bit left field with some items; Panic State bath mats and shower curtains, toothbrushes and maybe even a ladle. We wanted to have some fun. Also planning to continue with:

- The covers we’ve been making
- Some YouTube video ideas we have to make with other bands
- Keep growing our social media with our unique online presence

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

- All major streaming services, our favorite is spotify!
- We actually have some plans in the next few weeks to release some merch so keep an eye out on
Instagram to hear more @panicstateband!

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

Daniel - I think I’d like people to remember the energy in our songs. We’re really passionate about what we right and we always aim to make that come across as much as we can on a song.

Tom- Our name. When we come off stage, or when they’ve finished listening to one of our songs, I want people to remember who we are so they go and check out our stuff online and rave about us to their friends and family.

Scott - Remember that we’re fun. We always want our performances to be fun, as well as our presence on social media. Even the colors we use, mainly pink, are bright and also made to reflect the fun nature of the band.

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