Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge Board Game Review!

So Sailor Moon has been around since the 90's many people discovering the show via Japan airwaves and U.S as well. The popularity would soar over the moon, with success from the anime TV series and manga to accompany it. That merchandise would follow suite, ranging from appeal, toys, games including digital based and board types. One of which being a game titled "Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge".

This title referencing the manga anime TV series based entirely off the manga series. Except this games version would consist of just seasons 1/2. Whilst this is the case there are an assortment of characters from the Moon Kingdom (Good Side) and Dark Kingdom (Bad Side), ranging from the Inner Guardians and the evil baddies too.

How the game plays out is that it's aged 10 and up and can be played between 2-8 players with each game taking anywhere from 5-60 minutes.

Each person takes their turn, rolling the dice and then figuring out who has the highest and lower numbers and going from there somewhat. The person with no dice left is the winner apparently or along those lines for the most part.

After playing a few rounds of the board game, it was fun but at times a tad confusing as well. Some may need the instructions read to them or at least re-read to completely understand the concept to the fullest regard available. After which you can get the hang of it and play long until the night and the earliest of morning's!

Thus, "Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge" is a game title that takes a learning basis to get a hang of, but in return can be a lot of fun overall with another person or several in w group or more.

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