Our Frankenstein's Ryan Frankenstein Talks of Current Status of Band, Music and Future!

Metal, industrial, rock, electronic act OUR FRANKENSTEIN have been around for sometime, writing and recording as well as releasing some material of theirs, playing shows left and right whenever possible. But for the time being frontman vocalist Ryan Frankenstein talks of the band's current state of being, their music of course along with further plans of the future ahead.

1. It's been a little over a year since we last spoke, during which your album "The Sovereign Of Violence", was in the process as well as an EP "Scorpion Eye" being released too. So whereabouts is the album mentioned prior?

Ryan: It has been a while since we last spoke! A lot has changed in that time. Last year we in fact put out the Scorpion Eye EP. It sort of was a break away from the old sound that sort of was what we started this band out as but at the same time we very much stayed true to the core of the "Our Frankenstein Sound". We explored some new genres and expanded our artistic pallet a bit. As for the prior album, "The Sovereign Of Violence" this was something that kept getting put on halt. At the time of the recording of the album we were a very young and still naive band...even if I don't like to admit it. Various circumstances made the completion of the record difficult. Plain and simple, I barely had experience making a full length album. We were a young fucking band. After we completed The Hearts and Horror's Tour at the end of 2017 we had parted ways with some band members shortly after and I felt this album was not where the band was at anymore creatively. Essentially the band had to be created again from the ground up. That is where Scorpion Eye came into play. That EP was very much a rebirth for this band.

2. Since it's been twice that we have spoken, has the band's line-up and or sound changed at all?

Ryan: I'd say our lineup here has changed a bit. Right now on drums we have Michael Minister, Squid on bass, Straza on guitar, and our latest addition is our keyboardist Brenton Fergeson. Since his addition was made to the band I'd say a lot in our sound has changed. Not only has our presence with industrial improved but he has thrown in a lot of his own influences into our music. Such as hip-hop/trap.

3. The band would go on to release some tracks off the unreleased album, how many tracks were released?

Ryan: Technically only two songs were released but we later released "OWL" with Ginger V. as a B side on our soundcloud.  There are a lot more songs on that album that may see the light of day some day...who knows. We have this great song with Justin Symbol A.K.A. Star Daddy that we have performed a handful of times and that one is a complete banger. It would be a crime to not eventually release or revamp that track in some way. Who knows. We can only look towards the future.

4. During on of your recent shows, you performed a version of the "mosh pit" known as the "wall of death", is this something new in your band's performances or have you always had it set in stone?

Ryan: I've seen various different forms of moshing at our shows so I really cant say. Nothing is ever set in stone at any of our shows. If it happens...it happens. I have noticed a trend of our crowd getting more involved in our shows. Whether it is moshing or dancing. I think people are starting to get it a little now so they are open to this aggression. I love it regardless.

5. Who or what is the Bubonic Corp.?

Ryan: It's funny you say that because we sure as hell don't know who they are. They slithered into our instagram DM's one day and after that they began high jacking all our social media. All I can tell you is that they are sneaky little bastards and their motives cant be good. Something tells me over time they will make their presence known.

6. Can you explain what this "#newera" is all about as well?

Ryan: The "New Era" is foreboding what is to come. What we plan to do. What I plan to do. For almost a year or so we hid ourselves away and stopped doing shows. We wanted to create a new full length album the right way. Everything you will be hearing and everything you will be seeing is leading up to what this record is. I do not want to give too much away but we have something really special coming. And possibly something new coming even sooner...ssshhh.

7. When it comes to the band's appearances, your style seems to have changed from 2016 to 2018 to present day, those years being the last times spoken, why the change up? Will "this" be a staple from here on out?

Ryan: I find that it's much easier for me to perform when I create a character to use as an extension of my personality. In each era this band has I take on a new "persona". First it was The Sovereign, then it was Scorpion Eye, now it's...well I guess you will find out. But with that the look changes a bit every time.

8. It also looks as if the band's logo has changed it's design to, why and how come?

Ryan: I'm all about change and constantly evolving with this band. It was only natural for the logo to change over time.

9. What does the rest of 2019 have in-store for Our Frankenstein?

Ryan: It looks we have some more shows coming up. Including our one at Bar Sinister with Dead Animal Assembly Plant and Sons of Providence on September 28th. We also plan on putting the final touches on our new album that should have a release date shortly. Once all that is said and done you can expect to see a lot more of us. Things have been building up for a while.

10. Is that your final say to this discussion of ours?

Ryan: Yes it is. Thank you so much for speaking to me.

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