A Higher Demise's Caught Up Chat of an Interview!

 It has been a little while, that A HIGHER DEMISE has been around, releasing content, playing shows, with music still in the works! After a short while since our last discussion, the band gives us the rundown of what the band has been up since then!

1. It's been 5 years (2014) that Natalie's World has been helping A Higher Demise in terms of promotion and what not, what comes to your mind of that?

5 Years! That’s amazing. Firstly, Thank you so much for the Support! Having an outlet State side is Crucial for us as we have never been there to play. Having that source for the American audience is amazing!

2. It's also been 2 years (2017), since our first and last interview, so tell me what has the band been up too since?

We have been up to a lot in the last 2 years. New music, New Members, a slight change in the sound and the direction of music itself. We have focused on making our shows more of a Performance for the audience to immerse themselves in rather than just walking on stage and playing a few songs. We have begun to incorporate a light show synced up with our performances as well to add a visual show

3. Has the band experienced any line-up changes or any other changes that you would like to disclose?

Yes, we have. We have parted ways with two of our founding members. Both departures have been mutual, and we have all remained good friends. Charlie (Vocalist) left the band in October 2017 and Terry (guitarist/Vocalist) left in July 2018. We have since recruited two new members in Mikey (Vocalist) and Joe (Guitarist). With Terry being one of our main songwriters this has had an effect on the writing going forward.

4. What can be said about your newest singles "Highpoint" and "Angels and Demons"?

These are the first two tracks to come out of our recording session with Oz Craggs (Feed the Rhino) @ Hidden Track Studios we had in October last year. The real question is how many tracks did we record??????? You’ll have to wait and see 😉.

5. You guys have been doing a handful of shows, tell me about them?

Now we are back to full strength with our new members we have started to get the ball rolling again with shows. We played, in our opinion, our best show to date on Saturday (24th) at the Black Heart in Camden with a great Swedish band called Dream Drop, sneaky plug for those guys. We are in talks with a new manager to help us push the boundaries and expand our audience.

6. When can we expect to see A Higher Demise cross the seas to the U.S.A.?

That one still remains to be seen. I think we need to get out into Europe before we attempt to crack the monster that is the USA! That being said, you never know what is around the corner.

7. Do you have any more newer music in the works coming out anytime soon?

"Highpoint" and ‘Angels and Demons’ are just the first of our new music coming out this year. Definitely expect a few more tracks to be out sooner than you think.

8. What else can be expected from you guys for the rest of 2019?

New Music, New Videos, a lot of live shows, maybe a few Guitar play through's and perhaps a Live streamed set. 2019 started slow for us but it 100% wont end slow. 2020 will be a very busy year for us we hope.

Thank you for having us again and for you support for us over the last 5 years. We hope to do this more often and when we do get over the pond who knows what will happen.


Dan, James, Joe, Mikey & Rachael

A Higher Demise.

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