Covert Entertainment & Soundworks - Suspicious Packages #2

Dwayne Simon or "Muffla" got his start as being one of the original pioneers of the hip hop scene. Thus, being the sole man responsible for bring hip hop from the get go with his specialty ingredients, of his so called sauce i.e. writing producing and arranging a variety of hits over time. This would include artists like LL Cool J, Run DMC and Ice Cube, Simon being one to have ruled the charts as an original member of the LA Posses, a real legendary multi-platinum production team source as it were. Moving forward creating a lot of tracks that would be hits right after the next, that would include such as LL Cool J's "I Need Love," and "Jingling Baby," "Beats to the Rhyme" for Run DMC and "Jackin' the Beats" for Ice Cube. Simon knew what he was doing, as he was a hit maker of his time and prime.

Fast forward quite a bit, Simon is still at it, with his latest and most newest project at the time, an endeavor of a production company called Covert Entertainment and Soundworks. Making his mark back into the business of music, him releasing a recent release titled "Suspicious Packages #2", his first album of production in 20 years believe it or not. Being executive producer, and having his own company also producing the album, with him also performing and arranging, along with writing too, Simon with many others, bring it all upon this one release of a combo. Such tracks like "We Ain't Goin' Home", "Bars & Skills", "Like Ya Style", and "Grown & Sexy", these song selections are quite interesting.

To say the least, the interesting songs here, are very upbeat, being creative and just enjoyable. The tones of the beats, vocalization, it all makes the material click. Everything pretty much just sounds alike but it is still original. Each and every one of these artists, including Simon just builds upon the track they got going, it keeps the album wholesome and energetic. Not one of these tracks gets tiresome or annoying, but more fun with each play through pretty much.

As it would have it, “Suspicious Packages #2”, is a release, to bring creativity, craft and variety to the listener. Each of the tracks, aside from these picked out, will likely keep you entertained for hours on end.

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