Monsterpalooza Hits the Spring with Heat and Screams in Pasadena!

Monsterpalooza began as a trail run in New Jersey back in 2008, by 2009 it was then transferred and organized from the East Coast to the West Coast by Eilot Brodsky in 2009 in California. Sometime later it would go from the valley of Burbank, California down to Pasadena, California's convention as opposed to Burbank's convention, which would only hold off it's spin off smaller convention the "Son Of Monsterpalooza" held during the fall, while Monsterpalooza is always in the spring time.

With that said, for the past decade the convention along with the spin off, have both done well for themselves, as the convention specializes in the horror, creatures and make up work done by those within the industry, ranging from TV, film, etc.  This eleventh year run, would showcase such headliners as Bruce Campbell and Linda Blair, as well as other actors, along with effects artists, vendors, panel discussions, with other interesting set-ups all decked out in the spookiness of horror!

As fans aligned outside the Pasadena Convention Center, on Sunday April 14th 2019, dawning it’s 11AM open time, all if not most were draped in black t-shirts, if not a costumed attire, of their favorite character. Once the doors were open, the long line would descend into the hall’s, after scanning in their tickets, draping a wristband, and exploring about. The sight’s and sounds, were all but glee, from cheer’s, shout’s, and screams of frightfulness, after running into familiar friends, family, and meeting their favorite guests who were in attendance.

Within the two vendor and artist hall’s were rows of merchandise tables, sellers showcasing their talents of make up art, posters, t-shirts, jewelry, handbags and bags of all shapes and sizes. Artistic sides of the merchandise, had individuals showing off their artistic talents with prints of horror icons both old and new, among other characters from film, animation, games, and the like. Roaming around throughout were tables with guests signing autographs, some taking photographs, and all else just being pleased to be in the presents of said personal.

Whilst all the long lines were dreadful at times, it was well worth it for many, as some had the chance of meeting shall we say legends, like Bruce Campbell and Linda Blair for instance. Other guests were voice actors, if not other actors known for roles in other features, who got attention as well. Throughout it though, was lots there who were having such a fun time, that it coming to an end, on this three day run, was a downer for many. But perhaps this three day convention could expand further on than just the trio of days. But if that does not occur, then there is always the spin off that is “Son Of Monsterpalooza” come the fall time.

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