Dan Rose Releases New Video for "You Don't Always Need a Plan"

Indie, folk, rock solo artist Dan Rose have released an all new song made video titled "You Don't Always Need A Plan". In said video, it is time to clean up the after party!

Dan Rose's style is rather clever and catchy, the way the song progresses at the start, makes it fun and entertaining as well. Like for instance, the pattern that the instrumentation plays out, makes it easy listening, while the vocals are strung along to it, bringing the track together full circle, that it never gets boring. In term's the video's concept of seeing Dan Rose picking up after a wild and crazy party is as well entertaining, as he does a good job showing his cleaning skills, while also goofing off too. It's funny, creative, and again entertaining, cannot express that enough really. If you want some laid back tunes, then by all means be sure to check out Dan Rose's works, especially this new track and it's accompanying video!

With that said, the lyrics of the song can be found below with link to the video below!

Lyrics: Dan Rose's - "You Don't Always Need A Plan"

he dreams you keep to yourself will never go anywhere
Don't leave them on the shelf, give them air
Waiting, wasting time with nothing on the line
Waiting, wasting time - Have another glass of wine
You don't always need a plan
Sometimes you just need to breathe
Trust, let go and see what happens

"'You Don't Always Need a Plan’ could/should be a new anthem for all the
good people who are stressed
by a more and more result orientated world where the goal often justifies
the means"
33 PLUS (online music media)

"Fine tendencies in these Elliott Smith-inspirered minor chord melodies"
Fyens Stiftstidende (print newspaper)
“The borderland between classic folk centered around a good voice and an
acoustic guitar - and a punk rock edge"
Capac (blog)

Check out the video right HERE.

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