Maniacal – Life Is A Dark Chain Of Events

From the depths of down under, literally South Australians Maniacal is a five piece metal band whose combination of blending together groove, thrash, and death metal into one uniqueness, has them spanning works across two releases. Their debut album "Buried In Hell" saw release in early 2010, with a sophomore follow-up album titled "Life Is A Dark Chain Of Events", out this holiday season that is 2018.

Upon listening, the extensive 11-track set up, brings to mind immediately such acts as Warbringer crossed with Sodom at times. With such tracks as "Kill Me", "Drive My Madness", "Woe To The Fallen", and "Buried In Hell".

Within these selected tracks, comes a rawness that makes the material blend well together. Think of the music as being fast yet slow at the same time. You get this appeal of it being “just right”, that you find heaviness in it, that makes it very appealing across the track listing. Each of these tracks, along with the entirety of the album as a whole, keep that intensity and raw pride pumped upward, as the guitar tactics showcase power and spunk, whereas the bass line and vocalization with drum lines, keeps it all in check, allowing for the material to build up, while layering itself outward. Creating this never ending aspect that keeps it continually fresh yet still intense and fun. In other words, the material is just downright entertaining, that the combination of metal genres used is creative in itself, because Maniacal is very original like that.

As “Life Is A Dark Chain Of Events”, see’s its end, the album does wrap up to being an album that can be spun multiple times without disappointment. An act like Maniacal is one that will raise up and grow, with two releases thus far into their career, more content will follow suite, surely exposing them with shows and more content that will cause more to know their namesake.

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