Forest Robots – Timberline and Mountain Crest

Forest Robots' most recent single "Through The Trees Ad Into Wide Open Landscapes", came from the album "Timberline and Mountain Crest". Upon it's release, the single was unlike any other style of music in and around popularity standards. This style of music was a combination of music genres actually, take electronic, ambient, R&B and orchestral. Not like orchestration as in a movie score but in similar tones. A lot of the tracks off this album, including this single is very much so instrumentally based content. It's like techno crossed with orchestra, that your imagination is put to full effectiveness as the music plays, everything aligns itself. In other words, the music sounds futuristic almost. Not really a style of choice for a club per say, but music to the comforting ears of a confined space perhaps.

A lot of the tracks, out of the 10 included on this album, are very different surprisingly enough. The single is very unique, whilst other tracks like "Sudden Bioluminescence", "Between The Orange And Purple Horizon", "On A Desolate Shore Under A Full Moon", and "When Forest Leaves egin To Change", are very much similar but still different in their own ways. Each of which, has this styling that sounds gloomy yet eerie as well, capturing this essence of forbidden. Or even maybe pop mixed with electronic to another level altogether. It is quite hard to place these tracks at times. But all in all though, together these array of tracks, just has a twisting feature that allows for the music to just be entrancing as a whole.

When it comes down to it, Forest Robot’s album “Timberline and Mountain Crest”, with it’s assortment of tunes, makes it be one of those albums you will not forget but adore. It’s uniqueness in music, will not just comfort you, but put you at ease with oneself and all else around you. Leaving you be breathless yet timid.

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