Bongo Boy TV Presents Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show Series "Will Rock"

Bongo Boy TV has produced the 11th episode  out of its seventh season of Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV show series "Will Rock", website located at It features an array of seven artists, across the board. First up is country rock guy Wayne Olivieri with his track "Music Man". The song made live video release, showcases Wayne's talents upon the stage setting, the audience taking it all in, as his raw country antics, makes the rock energy more vivid and lively for those hearing and seeing him play. The song for itself has promise, energy, and catchiness throughout, the performance aspect making it, all that more entertaining, that you will never be tired of it, or the artist behind it Wayne Olivieri.

Following this is ash. OK with their track called "Holding Sand". A rather interesting track to say the least. As it starts off very instrumental based, the video portion being very dramatic, dwelling within the fantasy texture of setting. The whole ordeal does come together nicely though. It tells a tale out of a book that is pure fantasy, with so much going for it, you wonder what will happen next. The video just continues more so, with instrumental structure, that is classical crossed with motives that keeps it alive and fresh. It becoming one of those types of tracks that never out does itself, but keeps a steady pacing that makes it all worth wild to hear many more times after.

Next is an artist by the name of Steel with a track titled "Godson of Sellasia" featuring a spot from DJ K-LA. The track itself is very pop based with mixings of hip hop and R&B, plus the video's concept brings in the lyrical appeal, that many acts are doing nowadays. The actual song though is much like Jennifer Lopez's styling, with a more modernized feel to it. As the song progresses, it becomes more edgy yet catching for the ears. A type of track that can easily be heard within the club setting, or radio air waves that you will become adjusted to it, that it will grow on you in no time.

nIMO & The Light's "Skin To Skin", brings forth this vibration of being out of the 80's era with it's track and accompanying video. The track in itself, is just out of reach but very moving and gripping. Like think of classic Duran Duran, that is how this act sounds a lot like. Having that eeriness to it, but it is still so catching you cannot resist it. Surely it will fall along the walls of streaming services instantly, if not at least drawing attention from all over that you will never forget it exists.

"Abandoned House", by Kristy Chmura is a downright interesting track to behold. Hearing her vocal tones, makes the track become one that sounds familiarly like Adele like. It has this softening yet emotion written all over it. Becoming a track of its own, that can be danced to in a slow dance set-up. It's like a track you will always hear on playback, it is so touching even. All it has going for it, just works, it has catching tones with melodies that make it drift away as time goes forward with each time of hearing it.

Couch Jackets' "Don't Think Just Breathe", is strictly rock n' roll to it's finest of possibilities. Their styling being much like hard rock band Jet mixed in with some elements of any rock band out of the early 90's time frame. The track and video being a pair made so well, that they just play so well. The track has this undertone that has it never ending really. A track you can take in, and enjoy for what it is, purely rock music. The good kind that will never fall flat but get better in due time at ease. It's how an act like Couch Jackets rolls and rocks really.

Wrapping up this assortment of various acts and their tracks of videos, is one artist named Les Fradkin with the track calling itself "Wave Rider". Another instrumental sort, that makes you think immediately of the beach, sunshine, and fun times of the good old summer. It has this 60's drift that will never get away from you after hearing it just once. It's rock with such angst it becomes funny at times, you will never get enough of it. Instrumental is funny like that, its so appealing you will never doubt it, but accept it.

To bring it all in, this episode 11 of the seventh season of Bongo Boy TV, made this one likely a keeper to hear and see again. All of the acts captured upon it, were so entertaining and loads of fun, you will recall just how much fun there was to be had.

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