Tracy Grave Expresses Thoughts Towards Italian Music Market!

Tracy Grave, the leader of the homonym band, once again exposes his thoughts and remonstrations towards the Italian music market, without the exclusion of blows.
"Guns N Roses better than us? I do not think so, we are only born in different periods! I could do Axl's ass when I want ... I stopped listening to their music for a while ... We have to move on"

Continues Tracy: "Italian bands do not expose their thoughts or they do not. and they are puppets .... Just that they advertise that Italian clown of YouTube (and I do not say the name) talking badly or even putting it in the posters .... The war should not be done at these half saws, which apparently return good for the music business, the war must be done with the head and ideas. Awake! Playing in Italy is tantamount to enhancing the money of the band, here are valued the money of the band .... it is a vicious circle, a dog that bites its own tail. We must make everyone understand what we are living musicians .... If then the others do not take sides, I do not give a shit."

And he adds: "I could make names and names on bands, managers, labels and agencies entangled in this shit ... But now better keep these things for a future ... not too far. I speak with valid evidence to support and are not just rumors or inventions."

Tracy Grave performed at the Oriana Fallaci theater in Ozieri, on June 16th, for the release of their album "Sleazy Future" via Volcano Records, released last March. On stage, Tracy spoke to the public about moving the music market in Italy, trying to change the system and not let itself be exploited by the current business.

You can listen to Tracy in this video, in the live video "Make You Feel The Pain":

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