Dirk Schwenk and the Truth - Along the Road

Dirk Schwenk and the Truth, have just released an all new EP titled "Along the Road". This summer release, will surely cool down the massive heat wave that's been crossing boundaries left and right as of late. For it is the folk, country, rock styling that makes this release truly stick.

With that said, this release is chalk full of content, that sweeps you off your feet as the saying goes. The material just being so bouncy, catching, and really fulfilling it just moves you to the beats throughout each of the tracks offered. Like for instance "Table Set For Two", the opening track sets up all of this energy driven material, whilst "I Am Graced", really keeps it cycling through, with "Flag On A Hill", being the one to bring it altogether.

The way that Dirk Schwenk and the Truth capture their vision of the country, folk, rock genre, is unbeatable really. It packs in this punch, that just breathes new life. The energy of these tracks selected, just creates this overflowing passion of what these musicians do with their music creativity. It shows greatly within the lyrical context, and the musical portions as well.

There is so much so happening within this EP release, it is just a glimpse into where they can take this musical direction they aim to please both themselves the those listening in. When listening to the EP from front to back, you just feel this non-stop groove that keeps it never ending.

"Along the Road" is an EP of creativity that shows growth and strength. Dirk Schwenk and the Truth showcase just that, and it is granted with grace and praise. Their material being able to bring out something different with how their music is played.


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