Astari Nite Talks Of New Music and Playtime with Shows!

Gothic post punk rock outfit Astari Nite, have an all new album coming soon titled "Midnight Conversations", and have already released a single from it called "Unfulfilled Promise". More songs will be taken from this album and receive the single assortment as this track had gotten. Plus the band plans to perform an array of shows for the rest of this year, with even more plans set in stone as it were already. Find the band talking more about these details!

1. So then, how did you guys meet and how did Astari Nite form?

I was in need of a psychiatrist a couple of years ago and Illia needed a patient. I guess I’m a current walking study. My anxiety was getting the best of me so in turn I was granted two new friends. Danny and Howard made the perfect playmates.

2. What was it, that got you into music and made you want to start a band?

The first time I saw the Jem and the Holograms cartoon, I was hooked when I heard the intro to the show, it made me feel dizzy. Shortly after I was introduced to music by Prince and the Revolution, Duran Duran, The Cure and the Go-Go’s. As the tale goes, I went to a catholic school with my two older brothers. The music that they played in our childhood home is how I’d rather remember them both by.

3. How would you describe the style of music that your band creates and plays together?

Our fans and publications that support Astari Nite tend to say that we are a Gothic-Rock / Post-Punk outfit. I feel deeply that we are very fortunate to be a part of the gothic rock revival. Of course this was brought to my attention by media and our record label that we are signed to. I honestly think that we write sad songs that others find joy and sorrow in. Whatever the case may be, whatever song we write is made for anyone with an imagination.

4. A new album titled "Midnight Conversations" is coming soon, where did the inspiration for the album come from and why?

I was sworn to secrecy that I would never reveal as to what my main focus was, however I can tell you that I spent a lot of time looking at photographs and trying to understand what was in the mind of the photographer at the time. I also spent many nights listening to songs by Mazzy Star, David Bowie, Chelsea Wolfe and Silverchair.

5. From that album comes a single called "Unfulfilled Promise", tell me about it?

"Infatuation is a disease that takes over the mind and pulls on your heart strings and before you know it, you find it hard to breathe and collapse. It’s truly easy to determine beauty in everything we see. Unfulfilled Promise tells a tale of obsession, a weekend’s worth of sadness and most of all, the truth about love for one another. At least I like to think so."​

6. Will there be any other songs taken from this album and made into singles?

As we all know, Sunday Queen and Unfulfilled Promise made the grade. To follow will be Rosary Society, I am Nothing and our take on a classic by ‘Til Tuesday titled Voices Carry. Of course the listener will determine what they are fond of. Other tracks that make me bleed are Divination and The Witching Hour.

7. How do you go about promoting your band and shows?

My wicked strange sister Flor Frances (Raygun Agency) plays a major role in our play. She dictates when the sun shine’s, or when my day needs to be filled with rain. Frances does everything for Astari Nite and everyday I wake up I make sure to say thank you to her multiple times during our 24hr conversations. Jenny Ashford is an author who also helps create posters and Doll House creations is pretty clever with video spells. We are thankful to Cleopatra Records and Danse Macabre Records as well.

8. Can you describe your show, visually and musically for us?

I’ve been known to shed a tear from time to time while claiming my misery in front of people that I hope to see again.

9. Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.

The music is new and I still wear the same clothing.

10. What else does the band have planned out for this year 2018?

After our set of album release shows in July, we travel to New York and perform on September 15th at A Murder of Crows festival along with some of our favorite artists such as: Ritual Howls, The Last Cry, The Rope and Cemetery.

We plan to spectate and enjoy the second night of the festival and witness performances by our friends VOWWS, Actors, Azar Swan, Bootblacks and Way Out.

Our year will end with a tour in Germany in support of the Danse Macabre Festival – Gothic Rock edition. For the record I do plan on setting up my Christmas tree very soon, Tis the season.

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