Anime Expo Returns During the 4th of July Festivities Extending It's Stay

 Anime Expo known to many as "AX" is in its current year of 26 years and counting for 2018. But instead of taking place during the usual 4th of July tradition, normally July 1st through the 4th, this time around it began with Day 0 occurring on July 4th with Day 1 through 4 following on July 5th through the 8th at the Los Angeles Convention Center, in Los Angeles, California!

Day 0 consisted of an array of activities such as panel discussions, screening's, and a full length concert of a pop idol group called Aqours from an anime series titled Love Live Sunshine! Day 1 would happen the next day, where the real set of events and other activities would happen, which did unfold rather successfully. As doors were opened the convention hall was swarmed with people piling in from all the numerous entrances, showing off their badges to be admitted inside. Once inside the people headed off to the destinations of choice, more panels, screening's of anime episodes, films, with others going straight to the money maker the exhibit hall, where all of the merchandise was set up for all to buy! First area for myself would be the Entertainment hall, were the game consoles were set, along with the table top gaming, along with some special guests doing autographs, with other spots being put into effect for those decked out in cosplay attire, to snap photos and just hang out. Outside the convention was a set up museum of sorts, not that far from the convention, where dolls of the brand Dollfie were on display for all to see, snap photos and adore. It was brief but still very entertaining as well.

Day 2 was a lot like the happening's that occurred on Day 1. Day 3 on the other hand, brought on more events happening in and around the convention and other buildings surrounding it. Such as the J.W. Marriot Hotel for instance, which held numerous screening's of anime episodes, movies, and even concerts!

Yes that afternoon a mini concert featuring an up-and-coming pop idol vocaloid figure called Miss Monochrome, performed for her second appearance at the Anime Expo. Her first had taken place in 2017. This follow-up showcase had over 1,000 people filing into the auditorium of the hotel complex. As everyone was taking their seats, awaiting the arrival of the performance to start, the host's and hostess's appeared on stage, talking with the audience. Mentioning that the show that would happen, would be live streaming worldwide! Then soon after Miss Monochrome and her voice actress from Japan would appear on stage, talking briefly then had Miss Monochrome herself perform for the next half hour to an hour or so. All of the songs sung in Japanese, with her dialog being spoken in English. The audience adored her presents, as she danced, sung, and spoke to all who was there. It was a very fun filled yet entertaining performance and surely will be followed with many more concerts. appearances, and returns to the Anime Expo convention itself!

Aside from this array of events, the rest of Day 3 was in similar stance as the previous days. Only addition was a visit downstairs of the convention into the parking lot area, which was converted into an assortment of booths, were artists of all kinds, showcased their art, selling prints, crafts, t-shirts, and the like to those who were interested. Besides the artists was a section for autographs with various guests, those being ticketed though but probably still loads of fun!

Following these trio of days, would be the final and last day of the convention, Day 4. The finale of the convention, were all would swarm in like buzzing bee's creating such a havoc that nothing but excitement would be spread. A lot like the other days, Day 4 had a lot of the same deals, the Entertainment hall, being meant for the gamers, table top gaming too, along with more artistic area's and autographs taking place, with photo displays set up too. The rest of the convention having many purchasing last minute items at the merchandise area, with others striking a pose for photos, with the rest just being in the crowds, taking in the sights and sounds of everything pretty much. That is how it managed to wrap itself up really, which was actually quite nice.

After exploring around the convention's happening's just as year's prior, each year just being slightly different with each new year. The entirety of the convention was a successor, pleasing all who came through its doors. All who walked away were happy go lucky, with whatever it was that they got to take in and explore. Surely Anime Expo will remain in Los Angeles, California for many, many, years to come!

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