Metal masters Tourniquet, who’s progressive heavy music has earned the nickname of "Beethoven Meets Frankenstein", have just released the title track, cover art, and lyric video to their upcoming full length album "Gazing at Medusa" – set for release summer 2018 on the band’s own label, Pathogenic Records.

"It was really cool having Deen on vocals for this track. He just killed it, as he always does. Plus having  Chris, one of my favorite guitarists, on lead - kind of put it over the top." says Tourniquet drummer/songwriter Ted Kirkpatrick.

No announcement from the band yet on who will be handling the rest of the lead vocals, but it will no doubt be top caliber. Guest performances on past Tourniquet albums include Chris Jericho, Ripper Owens, Corey Glover, Michael Sweet, and Dug Pinnick on vocals – and Marty Friedman, Pat Travers, Scotti Hill, Bruce Franklin, and Chris Poland on guitar. Look for more stellar guitar work from Chris on the new release "Gazing at Medusa".

Gazing at Medusa lyric video: https://youtu.be/x6oD01gzp70.

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