SPACE VACATION, the San Francisco, California (Bay area) true metal champions featuring ex- Vicious Rumors guitarist Kiyoshi Morganare are proud to announce their upcoming California "Speed of Sound tour" during May / June 2018.


May 30 - Phoenix Theater - Petaluma, Ca
(supporting Anvil, ShadowSide, Metalfier and Tempest)

May 31 - Five Star Bar - Los Angeles, CA
(alongside Ed Guage’s Steelwitch, Tzinami)

June 1 - The Bancroft - Spring Valley, CA (San Diego county)
(alongside Tzimani and Solar Haze)

June 2 - The Doll Hut - Anaheim, CA
(alongside Tyranis, Tzinami, Solar Haze, Meltdown)

June 5 - The Golden Bull - Oakland, CA
(alongside Railgun, Ninja Ghandi and Trecelence)

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