Mr MooQ- Double Happiness

When you're an artist with a name like Mr MooQ, you have to be doing something right. When first noticing that name, it brought an immediate smile across my face, as I found myself laughing, because of the namesake. Like really Mr MooQ, "moo" is in the name, it just makes that more funny! Anyway though, "Double Happiness", is the latest and newest release to come from Mr MooQ. It also happens to come off his first of many, in a new series of EP releases, that were all composed, produced, and performed by Mr MooQ. "Double Happiness", was as noted, written by Mr MooQ, but was done so out in China, and it goes along by it celebrating the sheer joy of passionate love, when two lovers dance together for a double shot of happiness!

With that, "Double Happiness", not only was released as a single, but it had an accompanying video as well. The video takes on the usual routine of being a video blended with a lyrical video as well. Combining the two elements, creates this environment of being twisted, that it makes the two more vibrant and visual, that it becomes flawless yet entertaining to. In the case of the actual track and the artist behind it, Mr MooQ, has a familiarity to himself. His style being slightly similar to that of Elton John.

When listening to the two artists side by side, they do have this familiarity to them, the styles being very similar, funky even. They use pop, electronia, with rock mixed in together, that formats this uniqueness, making the music enjoyable, even danceable. That is just how catching Mr MooQ's song "Double Happiness" plays out to be like. You get this rush of energy, momentum, and force that makes you happy and tamed. In other words, it becomes a track that will comfort you, while making you groove to the beat as well.

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