Joel Leffler - Strip Me Bare

Joel Leffler is familiar with how he makes and releases music, hence forth his last EP "Run With The Wolves", doing rather well for him. Only then would he go on to work on an all new EP follow-up release titled "Strip Me Bare", with the single titled "In My Sights". But it is not just the single doing so well for him, it is the EP as a whole actually.

The EP "Strip Me Bare", was produced by long time collaborator and ARIA winning producer Peter Holz, who's done work with Peking Duk and Gang of Youths. But besides that, Joel Leffler's EP just makes not just the single be well off, but the whole EP be quite extensive of its content within.
Like take for instance, not just the single track "In My Sights", but others "Speed Of Light", "Fuse", and "Aprils Fool". These being rather catchy, upbeat, has a lot of energy outsourcing that it makes the material flow ever so freely, it is contagious. With that, Joel's vocal tactics, makes his voice soar, while the music just backs him up, making it be danceable and very fun to hear.

In combination with voice and music, the EP as a whole really, just stands out, it makes his music more noticeable and just known for that matter. If no one has heard of this guy before, then perhaps they will now so. His style is a lot like the modernized acts of today, like twenty one pilots or even Imagine Dragons.

Joel Leffler is an artist of his kind, and with these two EP releases under his belt as it is, he will be taken into consideration, more so than ever before, especially, with this latest  working's of his "Strip Me Bare", it has a lot offering from it.

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