A Gathering of None's Chris Talks About the One Last Grasp At Hope and Why There Are No Stones Left Unturned

Alternative metal band A GATHERING OF NONE have not only released their most album, third to be precise titled "One Last Grasp At Hope", but released a new single off it as well called "No Stone Left Unturned". Drummer/backing vocalist Chris, talks on about the single, the album, and just wanting to get together to play some shows!

1. Where did you get the idea for the name A Gathering of None?

Chris: Initially this started out as our singer/guitarist TB's solo project. It was his one-man endeavor. In fact the first album or EP, Purging Empty Promises was written and recorded entirely by him. When he first got started there was only him. So it was A Gathering of None.

2. Why did you want to play this genre?

Chris: Obviously the framework or groundwork for A Gathering of None's sound was already put in place by the songs from the first EP. And everyone in the band is on the same page musically. We have no problems working together towards the same common goal musically. We each have different backgrounds in regards to our other bands and our various influences. But our direction in A Gathering of None has so many intersecting points or common ground points for each of us musically where we each relate to one another very well. So when we contribute our parts and ideas we're working towards the better good of the songs...A Gathering of None songs and our vision as a band. So I guess there's no real conscious effort to sound like anything. A Gathering of None is just where we all meet on common ground with music that we love to create. And honestly I think our sound resonates very well for each of us in terms of where we all are in our individual lives musically and personally.

3. Did you know each other before the band was formed?

Chris: TB, our bassist Ken, and I have known each for the last 28 years. We've been friends for most of our lives. We met through church youth group and school when we were around 13 or 14. We were in our first band together. And in one form or another we've made music together ever since over the years. Ken and I met guitarists Justin and Jeff through TB after we recorded our second record, Nothing Left to Lose. Ken and I actually met Justin and Jeff in person the day before our live debut in September of 2016. We all bonded really quickly and have become pals. The common ground is there personally and the chemistry is there musically which is a rare thing given the situation we all jumped into together. All these years later getting to be in a band again with two of my very best friends and two new brothers in arms is a really cool thing.

4. Who or what inspires you to write songs?.

Chris: Well, TB is basically our chief songwriter. But I'm sure I can speak for him as we feel the same way about where our music or our songs come from. Obviously we're all very inspired by the music we listen to and that turns us on. We each have a lot of influences to draw from and influences that really excite us artistically and creatively. If I had to pin them down? Only Living Witness, Ignite, Smashing Pumpkins, QOTSA, King’s X, Bad Religion, Quicksand, Foo Fighters, Corrosion of Conformity, Stavesacre. Those are only a few.

5. What are your songs about would you say?

Chris: Again I'm speaking for TB as well Justin - the songs lyrically are about life and its ups and downs in general whether it be from situations in relationships or personal reflection and struggles. As you experience life in all of its trappings both positive and negative, that  stuff has to come out somewhere somehow. And sometimes it doesn't come out in the most healthy means. When you write or create music you're given an outlet to purge or express your experiences. Those experiences vary as we grow older and sometimes we perceive them in a different way. So sometimes we express them in a different way then maybe we did before. Some people might call that growth. That in and of itself can be inspiring.

6. "No Stone Left Unturned" was made into a single and lyrical video as well, so tell me why was this song choosen as such and what is the song even about?

Chris: I think we chose this song because musically it's a very good representation of our sound and our direction. It encapsulates just about all the aspects of who we as musicians and as a band. Lyrically the song deals with personal reflection and the struggle to be a better person. It's about owning up to the decisions that we make as human beings, being honest with yourself and those around you, as well as overcoming and persevering personal hardship and finding growth.

7. Will there be any other songs off your album "One Last Grasp At Hope", to receive this treatment?

Chris: We definitely want to. There are a couple other songs from the album on the docket.

8. Whilst, this album is farily new, do you have any new music already underway for the next release?

Chris: Absolutely. Although no complete songs have been solidified we are constantly sharing new music and ideas and demos back and forth with one another. Honestly if we all got together for about a month and really hit the woodshed with those ideas I'm more than confident that we would have another complete album plus ready to be recorded. It's actually very exciting to think about. We're all very stoked about the new record and I can't express how excited and proud we each are of it. But I know we're all very excited about continuing to create and to make new music. We're looking forward to what's next.

9. What does the rest of 2018, have in store for the band?

Chris: Well, we will be hitting the road at the beginning of July for another brief tour of the East Coast. We're all very excited about that. We've not been together since we recorded the album. And we're all looking forward to seeing each other again and performing together again.

10. Where can we find out more about you?

Chris: Find us at the following sites;




www.twitter com/OfficialAGON

You can also find us on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music, and other streaming services like that.

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