Wildime Releases New Single "Boaster Trauma" And Releases New Album Details for "Boaster Trauma"

The Wildime will release their new self-titled album on April 16th 2018. They have released the title track, titled "Boaster Trauma".

In this new production the Wildime, propose a reply to the first album concept that evolves with the emergence of this new figure, the Boaster Killer, which attempts, with a struggle of ideals, come to your senses all humanity from the oppression of these "Boaster" representing the world's big powers.

The album was recorded at Studio Waves of Naples by Mimmo "pentothal" Musto for MASD Records and will be available in physical format and in all digital platforms.

Check out the new track right here: https://youtu.be/wmPNZIU9Ke0.


1. Killer is Here
2. Boaster Trauma
3. It's Growing Inside
4. Here to Show the Way
5.Life's Dying Fall
6. All He Has
7. Deny
8. Never Again
9. I'm Alive
10. Part of Me

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