Ways - Aftermath

Ways will release their new album "Aftermath", which follows their previous EP "Watching From Afar" as well as a single "I See No Beauty", that just so happens to be a bonus track on this release. So then, how does the "Aftermath", album hold up, well their style is a lot like Being As An Ocean and 36 Crazyfists, each of which has their moments in their material. The same goes for Ways and "Aftermath", a lot of momentum, energy, and angst is thrown forth, the force of which, becomes rather welcoming. Or more or less, grounding, the material so it is just as intense and heavy throughout. Their current single released from the album, "Death Row", is one of the factor choices, it showcasing lots of aggression and total determination in its form. The song has soft clean vocals, making the song be mellow driven, yet still fierce by all means. Whereas other tracks such as "And Nobody Cares", "So Far So Good", and "With Love", provide this similar formula. When it comes down to it, the "Aftermath" release is built around hard hitting heaviness, that has its moments of softness, to even it all out, still being a pleasing release to hear.

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