Rock duo MGT pays tribute to a fallen hero, Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, with an emotionally raw cover of the band’s classic deep-cut "Atlanta," found on their newly released album, "Gemini Nyte". Now, the band has partnered with NewNoiseMagazine.com to premiere a video for the touching homage.

"As an avid fan of Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots I was deeply moved by his passing. Mark and I were busy recording the Gemini Nyte album at the time and I reached out to him to record some acoustic guitars for "Atlanta", as I was toying with releasing a stripped version of the song as an Ashton Nyte solo single / tribute at the time. Mark kindly obliged and then kept adding bits and pieces to the musical arrangement and it organically evolved into a "Gemini Nyte" track. Once I had laid down the vocals I knew it had to be our album closer. It is not necessarily the best known STP track but has been my favourite song of Scott's since the moment I first heard it. We shot a very impromptu video of Mark and I recording the song in the studio, in the hope that it captures the intimacy of the performance and the love we both have for this beautiful song and our respect for the body of work Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots have given us. Rest In Peace Scott." - Ashton Nyte

Check it now at http://bit.ly/2pfKl25.

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