Lady Parts Justice Releases "We Won’t Go Back-street Boys" Parody Video

Lady Parts Justice League releases parody video, "We Won't Go Back-street Boys," to celebrate Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, this Saturday March 10th. The parody is a re-working of The Backstreet Boy’s famous song "I Want It That Way," and features original lyrics from the LPJL crew:

"You are true heroes, you all wear halos
Believe when we say
That you deserve cheesecake.

 You give love to all those who walk through your doors
May we say, that we love you always.

Tell me why protestors gotta hate on you
Pumpkin Pie politicians want to punish you
Oh I will support you and we’re here to say, we love you always
And we made you cheesecake"

Check it over HERE.

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