Fall Flavored - 180

Alternative rock band Fall Flavored was created in 2014 but had some mishaps and was revisited in 2017 with an all new set-up from material to the band's line-up. That said, it lead them to write and record for their debut full-length album "180". According to the band who explained that their album is their first and the title represents what they have been trying to do with other meanings intertwined as well. In short, this release is a step into the music spectrum that they are proud of and plan to run with from here on out. With that, the album opens up a track titled "Epic and Colegram", a rather catching tune, that picks up the pace as the song progresses, while the follow-up track "Mountain of Rage", keeps the pacing ever flowing with angst and total spunk. Other tracks that has this album be noticeable would include, "Nonsense", "Runaway", "Sleep", and "Jump". These selection of tracks being quite frankly, very structured, that they turn to be quite pleasing to the ear. The melodies that accompany the beats are very forward, sticking to the alternative rock formula, bringing to mind, that of old school AFI or Anti-Flag. You really get a kick out of the rhythms playing on, as the vocalization used throughout, keeps a steady tone, but makes the music irresistible. "180", by Fall Flavored is a debut album, whose time and effort was put to good use, because of the music put into it.

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