Endarken - Tvoj je hram u srcu mom

When Endarken's "Ja, sve i svja", was released as the first single taken from the band's debut album "Tvoj je hram u srcu mom", it made the album be a promise to be heard. What are the results of that so called promise that comes from their debut album of sorts. Well it be, quite promising indeed. For which, the material takes on the genre of their choosing being black metal. Their variation of the genre, is well mannered, having craft and cunning sound and style. A lot of it shown within the single's release, but on other material also. This including such as "Šta vrede oči kada um je slep", opens the album, as it sucks you in, the instrumentals being well developed, as the vocal chords become fierce yet intense with each spoken lyric, making the material just raw and progressive. Upon the other tracks such as the title track and "Alfa i Omega", these are the ones that bring out more of the element to which is the black metal genre, think of acts like The Stone, Hecate, Non Est Deus, or Streams of Blood, those being some black metal acts, not known well enough, but known nonetheless. Their styling being a lot like Endarken's, especially upon these array of tracks mentioned. The material just sounds heavy, unstoppable at times, that it becomes consuming, if not overwhelming even. If intense black metal is what you take on, then Endarken is the one to seek out. Their debut album "Tvoj je hram u srcu mom", is just the tip of the ice berg of the snowy plains, that crosses the path of which Endarken walks upon. Their music being glimpses into what is expected, but merely becomes the unexpected within their works.

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