Blinding Sunrise Releases New Video for "Silhouette (Kana-boon/カナブーン Cover)"

Blinding Sunrise are an Italian metal band whose members include: Francesca, (lead female vocals), Mattia (scream and lead male vocals), Matteo ( guitar) Luca (guitar), Onofrio (bass), and Valerio (drums). They formed in 2011,and their debut EP is called "Cold Like Winter", released in 2013. Their debut album is "This World Won't Listen", released in 2015. Their latest and newest work's coming in the form of a single turned video release titled "Silhouette (Kana-boon/カナブーン Cover)".

"We have chosen to make this single driven by our strong passion for the Japanese music and for the famous anime "Naruto".

We really do have tons of fun playing these openings in our own style and our love for music has helped us building a marvelous fan base that daily supports us and that we thank from the bottom of our hearts. We hope you like it. :)

Keep in mind that, if you haven't done it yet, you can check out our latest cover, released in October, titled "Unravel" and you can follow us on our official FB, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram pages."

Check out the track turned video of "Silhouette (Kana-boon/カナブーン Cover)" right here:



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