Blessthefall - Hard Feelings

"His Last Walk" released in 2007 was how Blessthefall came into the picture for me, their original vocalist Craig Mabbit, having done some rotation himself, left the band in 2008, to be replaced by current vocalist Beau Bokan. Who has since been with the band for close to a decade, while the band as a whole, has been together for more than a decade. Now that says something about a band such as this one, who just got signed on with Rise Records, their previous label most notably being Fearless Records. But times move on, things are in the past, and it is all about the future, which brings the debut album for the label, that is the band's sixth album to date, titled "Hard Feelings".

So how does a band having been together for over a decade as a whole, with a vocalist being with them for almost a decade fair out, upon this album, well the first glimpse was given in the form of the first single turned video release for the song called "Melodramatic". This track being quite original, as it stayed true to the Blessthefall formula, having clean cut vocal chords with screaming vocals put into play here and there, a style that took form once Beauty Bokan came on board with their "Witness" released in 2009.

Since that first incarnation, the next set of albums, "Awakening" (2011), "Hollow Bodies" (2013), and "To Those Left Behind" (2015), all had the same form put into play, making this "new" Blessthefall style fit rather nicely, but sadness fades in every so often, as the full on screaming vocals could be very missed, as they were a great highlight to the band's debut album "His Last Walk" (2007). In any case though, their sixth album "Hard Feelings", is very much like the previous four releases, 2009 through 2015, for the most part. A good chunk of the material, mixes screams with clean vocals, being very familiar to other acts within the same genre pool, of alternative, metalcore, screamo, aspect like The Word Alive, Memphis May Fire, Of Mice and Men, among others like Pierce The Veil or even Sleeping With Sirens, they sound so much alike at times, any of these fall into that element that Blessthefall creates.

Overall, Blessthefall's sixth album in their extensive career as musicians, is just like their previous content, minus the debut album, if you have been in it, for this long, then this is just another album, that add to your collection. As for new comers, let the music suck you in, letting the vocalization, fast riffs, blast beats, and catchy tone, just keep you embraced for all its worth.

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