Italian progressive rock/metal band Ypnos have released their first full official video taken from their debut album "Beholder". The track is titled "State Of Grace" and it’s matched with a high concept video featuring a boy and a certain home improvement scheme. This video is not for kids! The video's concept is by Oscar Serio and Christian Peretto and video was directed and edited by Oscar Serio.

The concept behind "State Of Grace" is as follows, "State Of Grace", is the first official video from "Beholder", released in September 2017 and it’s the second track of the 7-parts "Tyranny Suite", addressing the emotions subjugating humans throughout their life. "State of Grace" is a song about childhood and innocence, about fear, growing up and withstanding adults shaping your world. It’s a clash of points of view colliding and not fitting together. A child cannot understand adults mind, while adults could understand children, if they would.

While struggling for their own growth, brand new emotions, ever-changing challenges, children often have to face and suffer because of adults frustration, absence and emotional incapacity. This often turns into a silent scream, that becomes anger if left unheard.

Hey kids, don’t try this at home! Seriously, all the scenes in this video are pure fiction, not real life, and they’re meant to be viewed by an adult audience only.

Check it right HERE.

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