Tragul's Adrian says There's a Bunch of Freshness and Good Metal to Our Music!

Melodic metal act TRAGUL had countless releases thus far, with no plans on stopping, releasing more music throughout the next year if not more! They plan to also take the band out on the stage scene with proper planning in mind of course. Keyboardist Adrian Benegas discusses their music, formation, namesake, who influences them and the inspiration behind their music!

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Adrian: The conception of Tragul came to my mind on November of 2016, when I took a step aside from another project. I always wanted to have a project like Avantasia in which I can have the freedom of composing and writing all by myself but with the only difference of having a stable line up as much as possible. And in the moment that I left the other project I realized that I was ready to bring Tragul to life, so I started to mold on some musical ideas and once I had everything ready, I contacted the other guys (Zuberoa Aznárez, Steve Conley, Oliver Holzwarth and Alex Holzwarth) to work on the arrangements and recordings together.

After some months of working we debuted on June of 2017 with the first song BENNU, followed by the other 3 singles THE MESSAGE, INTO THE HEART OF THE SUN and THE TREE OF LIFE, released along the year.

For this year (2018), the drummer Sander Zoer (Ex Delain, Leah) and guitarist Diego Bogarín joined Tragul and starting to work with us on the arrangements and recordings of the songs that we are planning to release.

2. How would you describe your style?

Adrian: I must mention that the sound of TRAGUL evolved pretty much from the other songs released last year that were more in the vein of Power Metal, I think we still have elements of the Power Metal, but also, we added more variety to the new songs so, maybe we could just call ourselves a Melodic Metal band :).

3. Which bands influenced your music?

Adrian: Into the metal scene, the most influential composers to me are Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish, Luca Turilli of Rhapsody and Timo Tolkki of Stratovarius. Also, when I was younger I listened a lot of Sonata Arctica and Dionysus, so I think both bands has some influence into my music too.

4. What inspires your music and lyrical writing? What do the lyrics talk about?

Adrian: Events from life itself, dreams, some spiritual experiences, mainly. I take very seriously the spiritual and esoteric stuff since I was a kid and they still have a lot of influence on me. The Music and lyrics of Tragul keep a sort of introspective message, I always try to bring a positive and useful energy to the listener.

 5. How did the band come up with the name Tragul and tell us what does it means for you?

Adrian: Well, the name is product of an oneiric experience. The word itself has no literal meaning, but it represents the union between the divine spirit and human being through music.

6. What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media?

Adrian: We released 4 singles so far since June of 2017. Everything is great! The media are constantly supporting Tragul since the beginning, we had a lot of good critics from the specialized press, interviews, the songs are constantly featured on radio shows around the globe and so on, I am very pleased! The public too, at the beginning I was kind of afraid about our unusual format ("song by song" releases) but after the two first releases, I really started to feel the support and the good vibe from the metal fans. THANK YOU for that!

7. Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?

Adrian: I am wanting to take Tragul to the stage soon, but it depends on many factors that need a proper planning. But now everything is focused on the studio releases, we promise a year full of music.
8. Are you guys a signed or unsigned band?

Adrian: We are an unsigned band. Tragul received some offers from labels but at the end decided to decline and keep the innovative format. I am comfortable with the nontraditional way to make our music heard. For this year, we’ll keep the format. The releases will come in a song-by-song format on all the major digital platforms.

9. If you are not signed, what should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Adrian: I think, Tragul stands out of the rest with its innovative format. I always try to innovate, you know, my main goal is to make Tragul recognized as an original and fresh artist. I think that it's so ingrained in me that I am unconsciously always looking for new and unique ideas. For example, this year, we evolved a little bit starting to use our bilingual capabilities (Zuberoa and I are Spanish native speakers) and started to mix Spanish and English sections on the lyrics for the songs. The mix sounds great! So, the fans can expect something different this year. You know, at the end, we are making music for the fans and we are here because of the fans, so the most important thing to us is having the fans happy with our music.

10. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Adrian: More music! Besides, as I mentioned before, I really want to take Tragul to the stage. I think it’s the next step but planning it carefully and properly. That's all about, being connected all together in a great music celebration.

11. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Adrian: Thanks for asking! Our music is available for streaming on the major digital streaming services and you can download the songs in High quality from the major digital stores. Here I share some links to our music:

Apple Music:

Also, you can find our music on Deezer, Claro Música, iTunes, and many more!

12. Why should a metalhead buy/check out your singles/releases?

Adrian: A thing related to our music that I haven’t mentioned before is that the musicians came from different backgrounds into the metal style, Tragul’s music is a synergy of many metal styles to end up in a unique and fresh sound. So, the metalhead can find great guitar solos and arrangements, heavy riffs, power metal keyboards solos and licks. Also, symphonic metal arrangements. Natural and operatic singing, fantasy/sci-fi/esoteric theme lyrics, powerful drumming. To sum up, a bunch of fresh and good metal! If you are into metal and didn’t heard about us yet, I dare you to listen to our music. I am sure you’ll like it! THANK YOU very much for the interview Natalie, great questions!

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