Moscow-based, melodic metal group, Tiavara, have released their new track,  "When Silence Reigns," from their upcoming album, "Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions", out April 27, 2018.

The band states: ""When Silence Reigns" is a song about a spiraling descent into mental instability. A sufferer consciously withdraws himself from society out of fear of not being understood or accepted. It is about pushing away loved ones and retreating into a mental shell to avoid torment but making problems worse instead. It was inspired by and can be considered to be sort of a sequel to our earlier song "Never Silent" and books about mental illness as well as biographical facts about serial killers. The lyrics are shaped like a typical heartbreak story that could be found on social networks but with a dark twist. Musically When Silence Reigns is an emotional reflection of our lead guitarists wondering about  what is it like to be completely alone and if he has any "true friends"".

The band fashion a blend of heavy yet melodic music with clean. powerful vocals, channeling influences from Lamb of God, Devil Driver, Godsmack, System of a Down, Slayer, to Bring me the Horizon. The released their first EP Never Silent (2015) while touring throughout Russia, and the following year, the sextet dropped When Sheep Dream of Paradise. This past year, the group amped up their touring in preparation for the release of Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions.

Listen to the track as premiered on Metal Nexus HERE.

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