Red Lama Releases New Track 'Perfect Strangers"

Danish prog-rock group Red Lama are gearing up to deliver their new full-length "Motions" February 23, 2018 via All Good Clean Records and before it arrives, the group have shared a new track titled "Perfect Strangers" via Echoes and Dust.

Keyboard player Morten commented on the track: "We started with the working title "sunrise". We wanted to describe the feeling of a new day. So it made sense for us to make it the opening track of Motions and the beginning of the next chapter of Red Lama. The song has both a dark and a bright side, like a whole day, but also like humans or friendships. It takes time to know both sides, but eventually you will figure out that dark and light sides are each other’s perfect strangers."

Listen to the new track HERE.

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