Teaming up with Sick Drummer Magazine, PROTOSEQUENCE's drummer Logan Vars is showcasing his pounding force and technicality with a new playthrough for the band's track "Shepherd".

Vars comments: "Shepherd is the most melodic and "pretty" song off our latest EP "Biophagous". It's also the most groove oriented. Starting out mellow, and coming to a climax near the end; I absolutely love playing this song. Probably the easiest Protosequence song as far as drums go. I use this as a warm up to get me started. It's a nice low stress, high energy song to play along to. Once again, I'd like to thank Nick and Andrew from Nick Laird Videography,and Echo Tree Audio, respectively, for all their hard work on the video. I also want to thank my band mates Joe, Parker, Kyle, and Jacob for being such handsome gentlemen, Cara for being so amazing, and Sick Drummer for premiering this video.  This video is filmed in one take (2 cameras on tripods, and one handheld) with no sample replacing and no editing. Thanks for the support, go tell your dog that you love him/her. "

Watch the "Shepherd" playthrough at the following link:

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