Nine Beats Collective - Call 'Em Out feat. Eric Leroy Wilson

Nine Beats Collective is a collaborative piece of individuals ranging from musicians, artists, poets, and songwriters, who have been drawn together, from across three continents Europe, North American, and even Africa, in which they share their tracks through music. As it is a trail of world class musicians, artists, poets, and songwriters, who are on the trail of exploring the wisdom of the ancient Bible, that have such sayings known only as "the Beatitudes". With that said, the Nine Beats Collective, has gone on to release an album titled "Nine Beats to the Bar", that consists of the track called "Call 'Em Out" featuring a guest spot from Eric Leroy Wilson.

So then, what does this album and its accompanying track contain exactly? Well the music is labeled as a variety of sorts, ranging from pop, R&B, rap, and hip hop for the most part of it. This track in particular takes on the genres to that of rap, hip hop, and some R&B pop elements as well. Thus, "Call 'Em Out", with Eric Leroy Wilson at the helm, makes the track more noticeable and rather stylish too. Like how the track starts off, you get hit with this beat, as the vocals flow right along, as the track builds up. It isn't until about the one minute mark, that the song really begins to flow and adjust to the music's beats, it's melody if you will.

For it is this particular melody source, that keeps a persist beat, ever flowing. It having this grip on the track, as the beat pushes forward, building up until it reaches the end source of it all really. The beat being very mellow, yet keeps a steady pace at times, keeping it all in tune with everything else. The vocalization is done rather nicely, having the main vocals being front and center, whilst the backing vocals stay put, but as the songs blends the two, it makes this secondary form, that allows for both vocals to be in-depth with one another. As if creating this force, that makes the music sound dimensional even.

That's really how this track just plays itself off to be. When it comes down to it, it is a track that has a lot of meaning to it. The track's lyrical context, being very emotional, talking about being ourselves, our inner selves, with what we know, what we want, and what that higher reach wants of us. With all those other fears, emotions, and voices telling us things, calling out to us, saying things, should we listen or do what we want to do. It's the way of the track's content, and how to react to it.
Out of it all, "Call 'Em Out", with Eric Leroy Wilson, is one track that just speaks the truth. It not just has a beat you can enjoy in, but content that can be relatable and very true to what may be going on within your life at the current time frame.

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