Me Like Bees Release New Single "Long Gone" And New EP To Be Released

Joplin, MO's indie pop darlings Me Like Bees are gearing up to release their new EP "Songs From The Realm" on March 30th 2018, but now you can hear the new single "Long Gone." The EP is a collaborative effort with the Image Comics series "The Realm" and acts as a soundtrack of sorts for the comic. "Long Gone" is a song about Ben, a character in comic that is a relentless one man force.

"He’s fearless and has a reputation for being a person even the monsters in the story avoid," says vocalist Luke Sheafer. "This is the first time any of us had tried tackling writing a song from a very specific person’s point of view. I think really it’s about him knowing that the only way to push beyond his own fear is to become something everything else fears."

The post-apocalyptic high fantasy comic series is distributed by Image Comics (known best for The Walking Dead) and is about a group of people who are constantly coming to grips with a hostile new world, all the while struggling with their checkered pasts that pale in comparison to the horrors they are forced to survive daily.

In an interview with Alternative Press, comic creator Jeremy Haun said "The band and I actually come from the same small town. A mutual friend sent over Me Like Bees' first album 'The Ides' just before it came out a few years ago. I put it it on while I sat drawing comics. I played through. Several times."

This soon turned into a friendship between the band and Haun, which led to many talks about future collaborations. When Haun started working on "The Realm", he thought they could collaborate on a song for the project, which eventually blossomed into a full record. "They put together the first song "The River Divides" and it was everything I wanted it to be. It stood on it’s own as a song, but then worked perfectly as a theme song for the project. It was like the opening credits theme to an HBO series or Netflix show," says Haun.

Pre-order "Songs From The Realm" HERE. Check out the new song "Long Gone" HERE.

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