Kenny Fame - Deeper

Kenny Fame's previous singles "Louise" and "Another Man's Woman (I Don't Wanna Lose This)", were well equipped with melody, mood, and an ever powerful rhythm. The same goes for this next single "Deeper", off the album "Higher". This track just has a rhythm section that never wants to quit. The same source pattern goes on and on, keeping the music at its point, it makes it relaxing. That's how this track plays out, listening in to it, you get a soothing yet relaxing tone of beat, even with the vocalization happening it makes it all come together. Like how Kenny works his voice with the beat of the music, just makes even the context material of the track, become more meaningful. Which brings this track to its actual context of love, desire, and despair as well. The song by the looks of it, depicting what else, love, romantic, and how the people in question, cannot really keep it together, or at least one of the individuals for the most part. It makes you really sit and think, having you realize your own love life whether it be intimate or otherwise. Kenny is able to work his ways with this topic so well, any of his tracks singles or the rest of the content off this album coming called "Higher", will likely be revolved around this matter if not most definitely so.  In any case though, "Deeper", just has a lot to it, with very little needed. Even the length time of the track does not feel as long as it actually is really. It is how the music just works its ways with all that is going on within it. Kenny Fame just being an up-and-comer whose indie R&B, hip hop, alternative style has got a lot of kick, surely to continue developing ever so further, creating more context that is even catchier than the previous material released before it.

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