Kaoteon Releases New Track "Barren Lands"

Kaoteon's ominous, hellish new track,"Barred Lands", is a perfect example of this aggression.

Lead guitarist Anthony Kaoteon says: "'Barren Lands' is the first track I wrote for Damnatio Memoriae, and I actually used it as bait to hunt both Linus from Obscura and Fredrik from the legendary Marduk to record the album with us. Our vocalist Walid Wolflust talks about the soulless, purposeless yellow pit that sucks the life out of everyone who gets consumed by its decadence and screams his lungs out as he wishes it would all catch fire. 100% mental, 100% metal."

Take a listen now via Decibel Magazine: https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2018/02/07/track-premiere-kaoteon-barren-lands/.

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