Joe Jermano - Reaching for Clouds

Multi-talented songwriter, musician, and CEO of Onamrej Records, Joe Jermano brings out a rather often quality that can be described only as mystical. His work which involves music, intensely flows over the likeness that are personal matters, imaginative sources, and otherwise compelling remarks as well. By combining such an assortment of material, a lot of which dealing with themes of love and loss, his works explore quite a lot as it were even possible. Like take for instance his most recent album "Dreaming In Color", this release demonstrating all that is said here, plus it adds on a single attached to it, this one being titled "Reaching for Clouds".

When it comes down to track and the album "Dreaming In Color" as a whole, it also being the fourth release from Joe Jermano, it is a collection of songs, that aren't just rock based, but are on the fringe of progressive and classic rock, taking on different variations of the rock genre. But also blending in other elements that have been smattered with the old sampled and modeled instruments and even new instruments such as synthesizers. These combinations of blending creates a more mellow source field. The music becoming more easy listening but still maintain that rock energy. It has a funky tone with the added synthesizers tossed in, making it more of a modernized track really.

How it is modernized us due to the melodies of the instrumentals and vocals as well. This track easily being fixable into any setting. Whether that would be a party or any other type of event of some kind. That is how "Reaching for Clouds" reacts with its material being how it is. It is very fun, outgoing, and just downright upbeat track with so much to offer. It is no wonder, that the accompanying album "Dreaming In Color", is the same way. So much offering, with its melodies, vocal chords, and instruments, there is a lot to take in and pretty much enjoy.

Overall though, Joe Jermano brings together a craft he has built upon for years now, this fourth coming of an album and it's track "Reaching for Clouds", just pictures what else he can do with just being modern and himself too.

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