Hitwood Releases New Song "The Scene You Could See" featuring Carlos Timaure

Hitwood have released a new song called "The Scene You Could See", taken from their upcoming EP "Marea" out in 2018. This is the first track to feature the first ever guest vocalist for Hitwood, this vocalist being named Carlos Timaure. Who has been on such songs like "Venus Of My Dreams" or "My Path To Nowhere".

This new song is the perfect equilibrium between the Hitwood rage sound that was on their last EP "Detriti" while the melodious and catchy side of the project that is As A Season Bloom can be heard as well.

The particularity of this track is that Hitwood have always wanted to record a song with two refrains and this is the result, two big choruses for a catchy song that it will stick immediately in your head. The concept behind the song is the life's "restart" after the apocalypse described in the song "Apocalyptic Omen".

Check out the track with the lyrical video and FREE download from the links below!

FREE DOWNLOAD: https://hitwood.bandcamp.com/album/the-scene-you-could-see-single
LYRIC VIDEO: https://youtu.be/CfZklYIKyHk

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