Teaming up with Heavy Mag, GREYSTONE CANYON are exclusively premiering their first single "Astral Plane" at the following link: https://heavymag.com.au/heavy-premiere-greystone-canyon-hit-astral-plane/.

The band comments "There are a number of different topics, which I believe will be interpreted by anyone digging the album.  Astral Plane is about staying connected to our friends and family after they have passed into the afterlife. I think it gives people comfort to think about those they have lost and that we are in some way still connected. Musically, this song crashes in with a Deep Purple meets Megadeth vibe. Huge drum rolls and ripping guitars. This is 70's rock meets speed metal. The riffs are HUGE, the drums are HUGE, shredding solos and a big chorus. We hope this track will leave the listener wanting to hear more."

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