Fraction and Finsta - That Ain't Me

Fraction and Finsta or Finsta and Fraction whichever way they want their names displayed, their latest album "Thoughtwork" was just released this year, it contains a track that was made into a single and video release titled "That Ain't Me". This track being produced by Mr. Walt Of De Beatminerz. That being said, "That Ain't Me", comes off the "Thoughtwork" album, as an almost concluding track to the album but not quite. For this second to the last track, is rather decent enough to say the least.
The track takes on the genres to that of the rap, r&p, hip hop, and experimental kind, so if these genres are not to your taking, then this track will be a one that will not be your friend, more like your enemy. Not listening to much rap, hip hop, or r&b except very little over the years, it was never to my liking. Hearing it done by numerous artists though, sometimes there are moments worth mentioning. For instance this moment here with Fraction and Finsta and their track talked about here "That Ain't Me".

That track as said, having been released as a single and video, said video depicting the city life with its surrounding area's intact. Fraction being the sole person involved within the video itself. He showcased rapping and showcasing his hip hop ways and skills, as the video takes you along his ride and walk ways of the city lifestyle, of the wintery fashion, snowing in and around the place he places himself in. That is how the "That Ain't Me", video flows with the music and showcases what you witness as it plays in tune with the music.

In terms of the actual song, it has a beat, that is somewhat catching, while the vocalization takes on the rap, hip hop approach, sounding in tune with the music, making the two collide with one another. As the two collide together, it makes it all come together. They sound as if, they blend together, hence why they collide together, it makes it all work out.

All in all being a track, with an artist behind, it that has it all coming together. "That Ain't Me", being just one of many tracks off "Thoughtwork", that has a pace, that can be enjoyed or even ignored. It all comes down to, how the listener likes the genres in question. It being a hit or miss type of deal, for Fraction and Finsta.

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