Forrest Hill - Still Crazy Over You

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Forrest Hill had begun writing music while out on his travels, seeing things that were dear, scarce, and decided these experiences he would take on; to provide a more inspirational approach with his music creativity. Hence forth, his latest album "Shadow Light" would see the release of the track "Still Crazy Over You".

When the track beings, it brings out a feeling of a past era, that belonged in the 70's to 90's. It is as if, the vocalization and instrumental portions worked in this time frame on purpose. That is just how likely this track belongs in those time slots really. Like how the vocals play against the instruments, the beat grooves onward, sounding very catching, when listening. It becomes harder to place in terms of comparisons, Forrest Hill just has a flare going on that makes his music pop!

In terms of the context of the track that is "Still Crazy Over You", it goes into the category zone to that of love, romance pretty much. A song of yet another fella being overly in love, if not obsessed with loving this female person. It becomes quite graphic but not in a crazily overdramatic fashion, more or less disclosing that expressing the love is so much there, it needs to be said in shortcomings at times.

If that is not enough, the track overly expresses itself with its tone of beat. The melody is just so drawing that it can become overly catching, that you find it overpowering at times. It easily becoming a track that never wants to end. For the most part, Forrest Hill is an artist of talent, emotion, and flawlessness. His way with music creation is just unforgettable that you want to forget you ever heard of his works in the first place. But that being a good thing, because you will find joy in this track, as well as his other material to come from "Shadow Light" and previous content as well.
"Still Crazy Over You", just being another one of those tracks, by an artist making a name for himself, getting out there, to make something that will stabilize, be remembered for its source material, and music too.

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