Critically acclaimed rock outliers Falling In Reverse return with a brand new song turned video called "Losing my Mind", that proves to be yet another sonic triumph for a band that constantly thrills its fans with unpredictable, musical left turns.

Musically, the band's shimmering synths shine underneath impressive wordplay and rapping courtesy of frontman Ronnie Radke. That lyrical gallop turns on a dime into one of the group's most hypnotic hooks yet. It's impossible to shake at first listen.

Directed by frequent collaborator Ethan Lader, whose past work with the band includes the unforgettable "Superhero" and "Fuck You and All Your Friends" videos, the visual expands on their incredibly artistic partnership. The Tron-style setting perfectly complements the track's ebb and flow, intercutting with performance visuals.

"I pretty much do whatever I want when it comes to music and nothing is off limits to me," said Radke. "I spent my whole musical career trying to be different and make songs that people think shouldn't go together… go together. "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion" was my first record and that's a prime example — a bunch of different genres on one album. Nothing has changed since then. When people say, "You aren't allowed to play that kind of music, you are this kind of music," it makes me want to do it even more."

Radke continued, "I believe in musical equality. You don't have to dress a certain way to like a certain kind of music. I'll dress like a fucking cowboy and play power metal if I want. I want to thank Brett Gurewitz from Epitaph for giving me artistic freedom. It is very rare to have that in a label."

Watch the neon-tinged, futuristic, and rebellious video for the new, standalone single "Losing My Mind" right HERE. The song is available for purchase HERE.

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