Cabbage have unveiled the video for their new single "Arms Of Pleonexia", which has just been added to BBC 6Music’s Playlist."Arms Of Pleonexia" was written about the international arms trade and its cinematic black & white video, directed by long-time collaborator Dom Foster, is intentionally disturbing.

Cabbage writes: "The video is an opportunist representation of how our simplistic, questionable minds view the odious backdrop of the arms trade and the delicate situation of political control that arises tensions all over the world. Catch 22 in layman's terms. The tensions not only exist in public safety and international bravado but is increasingly called upon in culture which reflects in our song and video. Lee and Joe, although their hairlines and blemishes are in high definition, are metaphorical states. With such institutions controlled by excessive greed, this inevitably leads to decisions that have huge detrimental effect. There are no winners in the arms trade. There are no winners in the video."

Check out the video HERE.

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